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Special back to school for teens/tweens

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I have always tried to make the "first day back to school" special for our children, but it was so easy when they were younger and now I need a little help.


While my household is 95% unpacked, my school/office supplies are a hot mess since we just moved in our house 6 days ago. I have their books to start school, but all of the rest of my homeschool room was packed on the 2nd shipment and I don't know when/if we will get that shipment.


I was thinking about using "adventure" as the theme of our new year since we just moved and we are excited about exploring our new area, but I'm not sure how/where to start since I don't have my printer/art supplies yet.


I know I will take photos of the children "going to school" where I make them actually walk into the house. I have taken similar photos since 9/11/2001 on our first day to homeschool (easy date for me to remember).


I would love your ideas since my mind is weary from the trip out here and the unpacking.

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Lily_Grace ... :party::hurray:



My children and I are now crazy excited about letterboxing and geocaching and we want to say THANK YOU for the idea.


We successfully found our first letterbox yesterday and we were unsuccessful with our first geocaching trip, but it was a micro. We are determined to go back tomorrow when it is fully daylight and without a pending storm (which made it interesting - LOL).


I am going to blog about it sometime this week. :001_wub::001_wub: Big HUGS from us!

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