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PE Credits- how to write on transcript

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I know this has been discussed because I've read many of the threads tonight but I need advice. :D


My son independently works out and he ran 3 5Ks and a 10K last year. I think the whole PE credit thing is silly, but I have to have 2 credits. Do I just give him a credit and call it good, or should I list those races?


He also trains for presidential fitness awards with the Sea Cadets (also extracurricular).


He does taekwondo and is very close to his blackbelt, but I'd like to keep that solidly in the extracurricular category.


I plan on doing an advanced first aide class at some point.





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I lumped what they workout on their own with a "health class" and called it PE. I figured when I was in school, we have a 9 week unit of health each year so I needed that bit extra. Our co-op seems to offer a nutrition type class every year or so. I make sure the kids take it when it comes around.


For both daughters PE was 2 seasons of soccer per school year and the health class at co-op. Boy is only middle school so I'm not worrying about it yet.

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When you say you need 2 PE credits --Do you mean a college being considered requires them, or your state requires them of your high schooler? I ask because in NY, we are required to have 2 credits of PE. BUT that's the state's homeschooling requirement for high school. So, it's on our IHIPs and quarterly reports, etc. It doesn't need to be on a transcript that way. If you are in a state with similar requirements, keep in mind that the transcript you develop doesn't have to match up exactly with the state paperwork. In fact, since I only report to the state the subjects they require each year, maybe 4 or 5 credits on the transcript were never on any state paperwork.


Speaking directly to your question, I'm in the camp that would list PE on the transcript, and list the races on his extra curricular page. PE class credits don't really need to have any details. (Actually, I just looked back at ds's transcript from 2 years ago, and I didn't even include the credits as such. I just included a line at the bottom of the "Electives" section that says "Health & PE were taken pass/fail.")




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