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Has anyone ever had success using rice to get moisture out of an iPhone?

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I took a picture of DD today and found that it was almost a double image. I couldn't figure out what was going on. I tried the facetime camera and it's fine, so I dismantled my case and looked really closely at the back camera. There is this teeny little "blotch" over 1/2 the camera. All I can figure out is that somehow it got some moisture in there (but I can't figure out how..the rest of the phone is fine?) I googled and it recommended putting it in a bag of rice and then letting it sit somewhere warm. Some guy had great success :tongue_smilie: So has anyone done this? I wrapped it in a paper towel before I put it in the bag because ODS said "What if it gets rice dust in it?" Does the paper towel make it beside the point to have it in the rice? I heated up the stove, and then turned it off and set the bagged phone on a plate on top of the stove. I was afraid it would get too hot sitting directly on the oven. Anything I should do differently? How long does it need to stay in there?

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Yes. BIL left his phone on the beach when here visiting last year, and when he realized and went back for it the tide was coming in. I'm amazed it didn't wash away, but it *was* very wet. He took the battery off and put the separate pieces in a container of rice for 2 days. The phone worked fine when it was dry.

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I knocked my iPhone in the bathtub. I removed the sim card, powered it down and stuck it in a ziploc bag of rice for 24 or 48 hours. It worked. My phone still works and that was about a year ago. I did not use any kind of heat.


Did you just drop it in the rice? I was worried about little particles getting lodged in the ports. Is that not an issue? Do I need to take the sim card out?


Yes. Three times. :glare:


Wow. That makes me feel a little better. I can't figure out how it got that speck of moisture in it. Was yours totally wet? I'm just glad it is on something only annoying like the camera and isn't affecting phone use. Sigh.

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I have heard of using dry rice, but never any type of heat with it. From the minor amount of moisture you described, I think you have a good chance of the rice doing the trick.


We have an actual dehumidifer that is sold for use with hearing aids that I have used with a phone before.


Good luck!

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