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Help me make a decision....please

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Long story short - DS5 & DD8 have still not finished their math from last school year (we normally finish in May). We have had 10 lessons left to do since April and it just hasn't gotten done. Between a tired, pregnant mama, summer sports schedules and my own brutal work schedule - it just isn't going to get done.


So, do I just pick up where we left off and finish the last few lessons when we start back at the end of August?? Or do we just jump into the next level & move on? FWIW, DD8 was doing Saxon Intermediate 3 & DS5 was doing Saxon 1.


I am such a box checker and really hate the idea of leaving something unfinished; however I don't want to start the year off with baggage KWIM?


Saxon does have enough review in the first 15 lessons so it isn't as though they would miss much right?


This should NOT be so complicated but I am making it that way and I need you guys to tell me what to do.



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We are in the same boat with my DD, we had exactly 10 lessons left, but I am just moving on to the next level and skipping them. No new concepts were taught in those last lessons and the new level has review built in to the first lessons. I felt it would just be busy work to make ME feel better, so we are moving on :)

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I haven't used Saxon in a homeschool setting, but the classical school I used to teach in did. NO ONE finished the lessons in a school year. Not our Kindergartners, not our fifth graders.


We all started with the new book the next year, and the kids were just fine :tongue_smilie:

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I'm in a similar situation with DS5 and DS7, but intend to just carry on where we left off, with the intention of catching up somewhere along the way next year. I also have a 'completer-finisher' mentality and hate to have loose ends left over at the end of the year, but I'm working on being a bit more relaxed and flexible :tongue_smilie:.

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Saxon is meant to be finished. After such a long break, you won't be able to pick up where you left off, though.


I've never done those early levels of Saxon, but...what I would do, is start the new books and after a few review lessons, that are meant to be used at the beginning of a year, I'd weave in those unfinished lessons too.


Ellie recently posted some stuff about skipping lessons, that confirms a lot of what I've heard elsewhere, and some of my own experiences. Skipping Saxon usually makes things worse, not better, in a variety of ways.

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