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Do you take your 12-18 year olds for well child checks?

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More than once they found she had an ear infection or something that needed taken care of. She didn't always have the symptoms right away and when she would get totally sick, it was a long time to get her well again. I found it was well worth having her checked yearly.

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We have yet to find a pediatrician or GP that doesn't hassle the cr*p out of us for homeschooling. But, we don't have much for doctors to choose from unless we pick a doc down at Beaumont which is a mind-boggling commute just for general care.


One boy is so healthy it's positively staggering to the imagination.


One boy sees a pediatric endo and frankly, this guy is one of the best docs we've ever met. He understands what we've been through and has listed as ds's G.P. our dear doctor friend in Africa - he spends 6 months home each year as an ER doc and six months abroad teaching and working at small clinics and hospitals in rather destitute places.


One boy see his pediatric cardiologist bi-annually now. Love the cardiologist and he gives a FAR more thorough exam than the pediatrician ever did. He takes a more extensive medical history and he doesn't hassle us about homeschooling. This boy is otherwise very healthy and so we've managed with his cardiologist and the occasional consult with dear doctor friend on the occasion he is in town.


We don't do heavy sports here and if we did, we'd use Dr. C. at the family clinic....as a general doctor, I'd probably not go because his attitude leaves a little to be desired, but he gives half-price sports physicals annually for any kid who is playing in the community...I think he has a contract with the school district or something since most of the insurances around here do not pay for well-child check-ups for kids over 12 and do not pay at all for sports-physicals.



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