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Dayton/Cincinnati/Wilmington area homeschoolers...information about local HS classes

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If there is enough interest, a friend an I are going teach 9th-10th grade classes to homeschoolers...please pass the word along! Here is a blurb about it:


Does your older student need accountability? Would you benefit from having some of the load of homeschooling your highschooler taken off of your shoulders?


We are really excited to offer classes on Mondays that will help keep your student on track in all of their core subjects!


WHERE: Waynesville, Ohio...convenient to lots of locations in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Wilmington areas!


WHEN: 32 Mondays from 9:30 to 2:30pm, with optional pay-as-you-go time available afterwards for one-on-one tutoring time for students, or time for Moms to get help


WHAT: 5 classes in the core subjects of Math, Science, English, and History, and 2 electives (one per semester)


WHY: To help your student keep on track and give them accountability to someone besides mom, and also to give them experiences working in a group that they might not have available working on their own at home. In addition, to help share the load homeschooling parents have of teaching high school to their children.


WHO: Patti Wright and Cyndy Cusson, and your students who are ready to take 9th-10th level classes. Cyndy holds a B.S. in Education from Miami University and has homeschooled 14 years. Patti has homeschooled her eight children for over 20 years. Six have graduated and have successfully pursued careers in law, writing, advocacy, nursing and the U.S. Marine Corps.


HOW MUCH: $6 per class, payable at the beginning of each 8-week quarter.


We will be offering the following classes:


Math: Algebra 1 or Geometry, which will be taught using Math-U-See curriculum, which lends itself well to this type of class as there is one video per week to watch.


English: This Composition class will have a public speaking element to it, as well as some grammar.


History: We are excited to be using The Teaching Company's videos for American History as the core of this class...they are excellent! There will also be a public speaking and writing element in this class.


Science: You can choose Physical Science or Biology for your student. We are going to be using Apologia's texts for this class and will be doing some of the labs in class.


Electives: One semester we will be offering Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance, and the second semester will be a class on Logic using Bluedorns' The Fallacy Detective.


Students will be given assignments to complete on the other days of the week, but not so much that they would not have time for other subjects you'd like them to do.


Teachers will be available to reach during the week via email for any questions your students (or you), may have.


Email reaching4joy(gmail) with any questions or click on the following link to register: http://washsoccer.wufoo.com/forms/high-school-classes-for-homeschoolers/


Please pass this along to anyone who might be interested! Thank you!!

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