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Experiments book for 4 years old


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Well, we are reading lots of encyclopedias and different thematic books for science from the local library. For the following year we've ordered Singapore Child's Play Science and now I am looking for Science books with first experiments for an appropriate age too. Can anyone suggest me something easy and interesting, pls? I am sure I've seen something before, but I am not able to find anything right now:(

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also, which science kit would you advice to buy? I was thinking about the insect kit(nets, bug's jar, bug sucking gun, ants farm, maybe larvae), compass? balance toy. What else will be suitable for 4-5 years old?

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Ones we're using for this year (3-7 age range for our 3 kiddos)


Science Play: Beginning Discoveries for 2-6 year olds

Sandbox Scientist: Real Science Activities for Little Kids

Usborne Science Activities Vol 1

Usborne Science Activities Vol 2


Other enrichments:


Bill Nye

The Happy Scientist

Pinterest Board

AHA! Science (mostly for my 1st grader)

Commercial Science Kits & Gadget pieces (Biology Madness, lots of little toys etc)

Discover & Do DVDs (Sonlight science DVDs that go along with the Usborne books)


Our Main things are Science Play & Sandbox Scientist with Happy Scientist for non-messy/sick days, and AHA! Science to beef things up a little for my oldest.

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We liked the "step into science" experiment box set at that age--it has everything you need for the experiments. I would check your library for "Let's Play and Find Out" books by Janice Van Cleave.


Mud Pies to Magnets is wonderful, but I like having everything pulled together for me so we spend more time doing experiments and less time looking for balloons, salt and rubber bands.

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