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Iron levels & floridix ?

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After stalking some threads a month or so ago and seeing all the good info, i picked up a bottle. I was really good about taking it for a couple of weeks and then for whatever reason, stopped. It has been in the fridge ever since. It says to use within 4 weeks once opened. Why? Is it still ok to take?? My iron level is at 9 so clearly I need to start on this again. But sheesh, at $44 a bottle, I would like to finish the first one before I go and buy more !!!!


I am 29.5 weeks pregnant now so I am hoping that my levels can get up before delivery????

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I agree, it should be fine.


IMO 9 is not too low. I like to see them at least a 10 by 38wks. But some women run lower and it's their normal with no bleeding issues at delivery. Other women can be slightly low and have issues.


If Floradix doesn't give a boost by itself you can add in liquid chlorophyll (1T/day).

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