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Who posted a few days ago about debilitating headaches with ER visit?

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Just curious. My ds is currently being seen at the ER for the same thing. When ds called home from the gym for a ride because of his headache, he was slurring his speech. He could barely walk. Dh took him straight to the ER.


Doctor said they have seen a lot of it in the last couple weeks. Starts with a scratchy throat. Then utter exhaustion for a few days. Then headaches like this one. My other ds had ocular migraines/sore throat/exhaustion last week and now we wonder if that was how the virus manifested itself in him (he was checked out by his pediatrician and eye doctor just to make sure).


Just wanted to give you another idea as to what it might be.


We are anxiously awaiting his CT scan results, but the doctors expect them to be normal based on his other symptoms.

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There was a headache virus going around our area last week. Sufferers experienced a headache that went on for days, stomach pain (like an ulcer), and general weakness and fatigue. I had it, a couple of people at my husband's office had it, and many of the kids at my daughter's debate camp had it as well.

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