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Community Bible Study (cc obviously)

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I did CBS years ago, but here's what I remember:


- Excellent commentary to read at home, very thought-provoking, intelligent, and Bible-based (obviously)

- We had a great teacher who was well-trained and helped flesh out the reading we did at home

- I don't remember how much time I spent doing reading and homework, sorry. I'm thinking maybe 1/2 hour per day, but I'm really not sure. The time in class once a week was used very efficiently and followed the same schedule each week, something like: meet in small group for prayer and to discuss the homework, then meet in large group to hear a lecture from the teacher

- The one thing that was a bit difficult was they have this rule that you can't mention names or churches in your group discussions (like, "I heard Billy Graham say..." or "Well, Lutherans believe..."). I think the publishers want every one, regardless of background, to feel included.

- This doesn't apply to you, OP, but for anyone else interested, there was an *excellent* children's program for those who needed or wanted to bring their kids. It wasn't just daycare...



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I agree with the 2 reviews given here. My rising 8th grade dd and I have participated in CBS for many years now.


Ditto to everything they said. There are rules which can be annoying sometimes, i.e., not to mention names of books, authors, media, churches and certainly not politics (on or off an election year). However, the "reason" behind those rules is simple. It's to focus on the Word first and then enjoy the pure fellowship.


I favor the small group over the commentary. I'd rather read Christian authored commentaries. I do like the CBS commentary and learn from it, but I learn more by reading the Word, answering the questions (homework) and the "small group discussion".


Time: That REALLY depends on what book/s you are studying for that year. Each CBS studies different books. One year we studied Genesis. Two years ago we studied: Ruth, 1 Sam, 2 Sam, Joshua and one more I can not remember right now. Truly that was TIME=INTENSIVE. I found it challenging to get that done on top of my other responsibilities. Others may have found it a breeze. Last year we studied Luke. Next month we'll begin our next CBS year studying Ephesians and Hebrews. I'm doing research now on those books. ;)


BSF: I have not personally participated in BSF. I know several who have and the consensus, at least locally here, is that BSF is much more intensive and CBS.


We have an awesome children's program from newborn to teens. My dd is in the oldest teen class and it is such a blessing for her as well as the other kids. The teachers say how much they are blessed by it as well.


Our leadership team spends a weekend getaway together and pray about the next year. The spend the summer praying where to place the women. It's amazing that each year I feel connected with the other Moms in the group. I've shared many personal stories and prayer requests - all are confidential. Each year you are in a group with different women. However, depending on the size of your group and how long you stay in CBS, you will eventually find the same woman or two in your group the following year. In time, you'll be in small groups with many of the same women, but different years. Does that make sense?



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I can't say enough good things about CBS! We've been involved for the past 6 years and I've taught in our children's program for 5. The "rules" for not mentioning denom, politics, etc have never been an issue for me. The fellowship you gain in your core groups is wonderful. The study does require time to complete during the week and is in-depth. I have grown so much in my understanding of the Bible, some of my favorite books to study have been Revelation and Daniel.


I also serve on the Servant's team and can attest to the fact that much prayer is involved in every decision made for the Bible study from what books to study, to the teachers and participants put into each class.


I encourage you to give it a try :)

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So the "rules" would be the same as, more or less strict than those of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), do you know?


I did BSF for four years and CBS for two. CBS is the less rule-intensive version. Both have excellent children's programs and solid Bible study. I highly recommend either one.

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