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Do I want the Miller Levine Biology app?

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Assuming we're talking about the same thing -- This has the Macaw cover, and is technically an iBook. I bought it last year, when it first came out. My ds used it alongside the Dragonfly edition, mostly when traveling, or as reinforcement after a chapter. At first, it hardly ran on our 1st gen iPad. I just opened it and paged through to verify -- and it runs smoothly now. I don't know if they did something to update it, but initially it crashed/froze all the time. I just asked my son about it, and he said that he really liked it. (I never required it, but he reached "test readiness" however he chose, so he must have deemed it a useful tool.)


It is very different from the online component (unless they've updated that to match). It's total eye-candy, with beautiful photos and illustrations dominating the text. There are many interactive elements - videos, spinnable models, lab demos, etc. Some (but oddly, not all) of the multiple-choice questions can be answered and checked. (Some of them are just non-interactive text). Each chapter has a "Chapter Mystery" video, with additional clues throughout the chapter.


For $15, I think it's a nice supplement.




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