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Auditory Learner Curriculum?


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We have decided to use Teaching Textbooks 3 for my 3rd grader this fall (our first time homeschooling). I like that it has a large auditory component. What other types of curriculum (other than math) are there like that? I'm esp interested in finding a grammar one. I have easy grammar right now.

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Thankfully, DS13 reads really well and enjoys it; however, he is a STRONG auditory learner. I bought as many of his textbooks on audio that I could find. I ended up getting his Bible text, "Who is God?" and "Exploring Creation Through General Science." I bought the texts too but I know that the audio component will make it really stick for him. Many of his literature books will be audio and text. He will tend to read through a book and then listen to it on audio over and over again. This is how he absolutely ACED his literature comprehension tests in school. He was essentially reading the book several times over while the other kids were just plodding through barely comprehending it once.


I will probably buy the MOH books and the SWB history book on disc as well even though we're not using those curriculums. He still listens to SOTW frequently so I know he would enjoy these.


A quick search turned up this , which may be helpful. Diana Waring has audio discs for history and then there are the Great Courses for older kids. I actually just discovered that my library carries these!

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