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2nd grade, K, and Pre-K plans...


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So here's what I've got planned so far...


2nd Grade


Grammer: FLL(second half)

Spelling: Spell by Color

Writing: Copywork, will also be starting cursive


Math: Singapore 1A


Science: BFSU


Geography: Evan Moor workbooks and read-alouds


History: Read-alouds




Phonics: Finishing up OPGTR, MCP Plaid Phonics workbook A

Writing: Copywork


Math: Rightstart level B


Science: BFSU


Geography: Learn the states and continents, free printables from internet, maybe a workbook(all my kids LOVE workbooks/worksheets)






Phonics: 100 EZ lessons, Bob Books, MCP Plaid Phonics workbook K


Math: Will probably sit in with the math games from Rightstart B


Writing: Tracing letters and words, tracing numbers(already knows how to write his name well)


Will also be using various ideas from the internet(Brightly Beaming's letter of the week, Hubbard's Cupboard, and many more)


Lots of read-aloud time, puzzles, playdough, legos, etc...



2 yo toddler


He loves to be read to by me or his brothers. He is also interested in learning his letters(he calls them his ABC's).


He has already picked up A LOT from his brothers.


Will be using ideas from Bright Beaming's Preparatory Curriculum and Hubbard's Cupboard. Pretty much anything my 4 year old is doing, he'll want to be part of.


I'm all :bigear: for any suggestions or opinions!

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