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Why does my back hurt when I sit?

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Not that I should be sitting around long enough to find out, but:


Sometimes when I drive I get out and my back hurts. Like my lower/sides. Almost my hips. When I sew I am sitting on the edge of my chair and getting up and down constantly so I don't notice as much. When I'm on my computer sitting back in a chair it hurts. What gives? And it doesn't take long. 5-10 minutes sometimes.

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It could be that you have a tight psoas--sitting puts it in flexion, and a tight psoas will wreak havoc on all kinds of things in the back and hips.


Or you might be sitting on your sacrum, which is also not good and throws things out of alignment.


The best answer is to avoid sitting. Can you set up a standing workstation for your computer (asked as I think, "Gee, I should be using my standing workstation right now":lol: ).

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