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Logic of English video on YouTube....


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After watching that video, I am even happier that I decided to buy LOE. We haven't started it yet, but I'm going to keep watching her videos to help me out when we get started. Love the mosquito thing.


And why oh why did I not meet her when I lived in Rochester for a couple years!?! That would have been a wonderful chance meeting.

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This is very cool! And very much like AAS!!!! Probably why it's so cool :)


She also has a blog and here is just a snippet of a treasure I found:


It is time to begin to accept the diverse learning styles of our students, not as handicaps or disabilities, but as gifts. Let’s face it. We are not all good at everything. Some are gifted in relational skills, compassion, working with animals, sports, science, math, creative writing, technical writing, advertising, foreign languages, designing with print, designing with steel… we need them all. The current system values a narrow swath of students who fall within a narrow skill set and seek to promote those above all others. This system then alienates other talents and marginalizes the students.


Her blog is deniseeide.com and the post is from March 11, 2011.


A blog worth looking into, imho. :)

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