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Atelier supplies??


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Jam having a bit of trouble finding some of the specific supplies for atelier level 4 and wondered if anyone could either offer insight or help me know a good alternative.


I am looking on amazon now, hoping I can find some of this that hobby lobby didn't have, that is all we have around here.


3/4 inch easel brush

Wax crayons - are crayola fine?

Tag board - not exactly sure what This is?


Thanks! :)

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I *think* tagboard is just heavyweight cardstock, or lightweight posterboard. I would buy one of those two, depending on the size you need.


Yes, Crayolas are wax crayons.


The easel brush is the hard one. When you go to the paint section of Hobby Lobby or Michaels, the labels don't say "easel brush". They will have the measurements, but there will be several different kinds with that measurement. I would watch the video and see if you can figure out whether it is flat or angled or round, and how long, and that kind of thing, and then go look through the ones labeled 3/4 inch and get the one that looks like the video.

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Thanks, Megan!!


Duh! I had not thought to watch the video to see what is used!! Ha!!


I didn't think of it either until after I watched the video the first time and realized that I had bypassed 1000 cheap markers just like they were using on the video, and instead purchased really expensive fancy art markers! :)

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