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Word Origin Study

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I found this: http://www.etymonline.com/ Hope that helps! I also recommend a series presented by Melvyn Bragg about the history of the English language. Apparently it has a few mistakes, but I didn't notice! Ah, the 'Adventure of English', it's called. It's not exactly what you are after, but similar enough that you should enjoy it.



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I am looking for a curriculum or a source for word-origins of commonly used words. Not just a vocab-study program, but something that especially emphasizes the origin of the word, its derivatives, and especially the name of the original language.


Words and Ideas by William Dominik is quite good - it focuses on presenting word study and etymology in the context of a number of different topics including mythology, medicine, philosophy, psychology, economics, etc.


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Words and Ideas by William Dominik is quite good
I just picked this up a couple weeks ago on a recommendation on the High School Board and ate it up.
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Thanks for the wodnerful suggestions. I ordered the Dominick book. Looks like it's something I can enjoy with ds 12 even! I'll look at the website recommended as well.


About English from the Roots Up -has anyone used and enjoyed this? I remember buying this once about 6 years ago (?) and then selling it again because it looked so flimsical...

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