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Biblioplan Medieval Yr 2


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Anyone using the updated Year 2 Guide this year? We had planned to use HOD RtR but I'm contemplating a switch over to Biblioplan Year 2 so I can combine kids (7 & 11). I'm a little weary of using a TM without science, LA, or writing scheduled in after using HOD for so many years. I'd love to hear both about the Medieval year (was it interesting? does it look cohesive with mapping?) and also how Biblioplan(ners) plan their day. What curricula have you chosen for science, for example. Do you typically do a 3 day history week, 2 day science?


I can't seem to find a link to a sample page of the main Guide but the scheduled book list looks wonderful.


Thanks! :confused:

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I'm going to be using BP Year 2. Here is a link to their sample page. If you scroll down you can choose various parts of the program to see samples. You'll have to scroll down on those links near the bottom of the pages and choose year 2.


I've just purchased it and haven't had much time to look through it. They are only selling the first 8 weeks of the Companion and Cool History pages because it's not all quite ready yet. You get a discount code for purchasing the rest of it. I'm mainly using it for my high school dd, but I'll be using SOTW with ds and following BP's schedule. I personally like SOTW's maps better than BP's, so for him, I'm using those.


Science is not just one set curriculum this year because I have a friend's son coming one day a week to do school with us. I'm going to be doing Trail Guide to World Geography with both he and my ds, and I decided to put together my own science study that would match it. When we are studying Northern Africa, we'll study deserts. When we study South America, we'll study the rain forest. When we are in Oceania, we'll study volcanoes and the Ring of Fire. I'm going to try and really make it relative to where we are "visiting" each week.


Have you looked at Real Science Odyssey or the Christian Kid's Explore series? Those would be easy to implement just two days a week, include good experiments that are easy to do at home, and include material that would be good for narration or lapbooks.

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