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Gluten free with no special ingredients

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I did a search and did not see what I wanted so I'm hoping ya'll can help me. I am having two families over for dinner in a couple of weeks and both have gluten intolerance. Could you help me prepare a meal for them that will be gluten free, but does not require I go out and purchase special ingredients? I've been trying to read up about gluten issues all day and my brain is fried. I just need a little help. :001_unsure:


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Roasted chicken, vegetable, potatoes or rice or quinoa as a side. Can you do something like that, or do you need a casserole/stew type recipe? Around here, gluten-free mostly means grain-free, with the exception of rice or quinoa. I hate trying to find substitutes!

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You could make what I made last night -- shredded chicken nachos. :)


Put boneless, skinless chicken breasts (or thighs) in the crockpot and season with salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder, and a little lime juice. Then add a can (or two, depending on how many people you're feeding) of drained, rinsed black beans and a can (or two) of Rotel, with extra liquid drained off.


Cook on high for around 4 hours.


Serve with corn tortilla chips (just double-check the ingredients to make sure there's no wheat), cheese, sour cream, salsa, etc.


Enjoy! :)

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Roast Chicken with Roast Potato and veggies.


Chili with rice


Nice Weather? BBQ, kebabs are good. Caprese salad, tomato, basil, and mozzarella.


Think whole foods, and check what you are adding (Spice mixes, vinegars, soy sauce etc....)


One of our favorite meals we serve guests (and they don't even realize it is GF) Chicken Korma over rice with peas and carrots. Ice cream and berries for dessert.

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Corn tacos with grilled steak & fillings and a side of nachos with gooey cheese!


"Breakfast for dinner" if they are a fun family - omelets, hash browns, sausage.


Steak with potatoes and a side of zucchini with onion in sour cream. Strawberries in chocolate for dessert.


If kids are coming, the "Annie's gluten free mac & cheese" is pretty yummy (you just buy a box of it instead of regular mac n cheese - I get it at the health food store). I served it earlier this week to 1 GF & 3 non-GF kids and they ate up the entire box!! :)

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