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My oldest dd graduate from college yesterday!

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Oldest dd was the reason we began the homeschool journey.


I remember many years ago scouring these boards in an effort to find a curriculum that would work with her. It ends up she has Aspergers and was also experiencing partial seizures (one day in 6th grade she forgot the number 5 for a whole day-- funny but sad at the same time!). With the help of the wonderful people here I managed to graduate her... even then I had low expectations of any future college prospect!


DD took to college immediately-- she jumped GRADE LEVELS in only a few weeks. She had to work harder than the other students--but she did not give up.




DD ended up with a 3 year Photography degree. She only had to take one year of the liberal arts classes--but she still did great with them!

She chose the community college route because it had the BEST Photography program in our state. Her classes were all less than 12 students and her instructors literally wrote the texts the other State Universities were using in their classes. Her program also included 4 photography classes not offered at the state universities as well as business classes (not required at State Universities).


She has done so well in her Photography classes that she was asked to be a judge at the college print show yesterday (a HUGE honor!). She did not judge her group but all 3 of her entries made it to the final show!


DD will be moving away next week-- 30 miles-- to a larger city with more prospective jobs. She will be sharing an apartment with her middle sister who is transferring to Texas State University.


I'm still in shock--but I'm so proud!!!!

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