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PMS + First week back to school

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:grouphug: Try looking on the bright side, you got two bad days over in one.


Wishing you a wonderful tomorrow...


PS...Have you lost weight? You look skinnier on-line today.;)


Maybe I should have thought this out a little better.... :glare: :boxing_smiley::smash::cursing::banghead:
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Thanks for the commiseration everyone. After much talk with my number one cause of the head slamming, we are starting out tomorrow doing something different. I put a desk for him in his room. For some subjects he needs silence during and at the school table, that just cannot happen. Once the talking starts, he goes into meltdown and that ain't pretty with him. Hopefully if I can keep him out of meltdown/shutdown mode, the rest of us can get our work done as well.

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