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I know we've talked about it before, but jeans for tall thin guys?

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My son is heading off on tour with his choir in a little over a week. He has to pack for 16 days, and his packing list says he's supposed to take more pants than he has at the moment.


So, we need to buy him three or four pairs of jeans or khakis, like, now.


The problem is that he's 5'10" and weighs about 120 pounds, most of which is muscle from dancing. The only pants he has at the moment that more or less fit are 30X34. And the only pants we're seeing online at JC Penney and Old Navy that come in that size are $30 and up. I just can't afford to drop that much on clothes for him this week.


Normally, we take the approach of buying a few good quality items and wearing them more often. But for this trip, he won't have that option.


We're going to try Goodwill, but I'm not hopeful about finding anything there.


Where do you guys buy pants for these tall, thin ones that aren't this expensive?

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Walmart.com, wranglers $15 (you can also get long Levi's at Kohl's sometimes, but be prepared to spend $60 a pair).


That's where I get my son's jeans. He wears a 32x36 (legs just right, waist really too big, but he just cinches with a belt). I feel your pain. My son is 6'3" and 125lb.

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Aeropostale sells a 28x32 and a 29x32


Most of their jeans are under $50 and many are under $40. They go on sale often so watch for those to stock up.


To get a 34 length in a trendy jean, we go to Buckle. They are more expensive, but they do have the hard to find sizes. They have at least a few styles that are in the $50 range but they go up from there.


American Eagle has 28x32 also. I like the quality better at AE than Aeropostale, but they are just a little more $$ too, just not as expensive as Buckle.

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To get a 34 length in a trendy jean, we go to Buckle.


I've never heard of Buckle (admittedly, I haven't been in a mall in years).


There is such a thing as trendy jeans for guys? Really? I thought there was like: black, light blue and dark blue. Huh.

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We JUST got back from buying jeans for my son (5'11" and 123#). We shopped in the men's section of Kohls. They had so many styles I was impressed (and jealous!). It was great shopping by waist and inseam -- he did well with size 30/32.

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