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Biblioplan worth it?

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I had decided to use SOTW and the AG along with it for our history, after failing with MFW and SL. However, one of my issues with that is the lack of Bible study/mission study along with it. Then I came across Biblioplan.


I love the schedule, that it seems to mesh the Bible and history, and the fact that History of US is scheduled during American History to add a little bit more.


But...all I intend to use is the Family Guide. Since we will use Victor Journey Through The Bible and the Usborn Internet Linked Encyclopedia, I don't see the necessity of using the Companion from Biblioplan. I also plan to use the SOTW mapwork, questions, and narration selections.


So, I guess I am wondering if anyone else uses it this way, or if perhaps it just doesn't sound like it's even worth it for me?



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Yup. This is exactly how we use it and works out well!:001_smile:


The only extra I purchase is the timeline figures. It' just easier than searching through the other figure resources for the right one.


ETA- I find it worth it because it does line up history with bible and church history(something I'm not comfortable doing on my own), otherwise I would probably just us SOTW w/AG & required resources like Kingfisher.

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I used it for Ancients for about 15 weeks or so with a first grader. I found it not worth it, as it really didn't tie the Biblical and secular history together. It just listed them at the same time. Well, I can get that for free off the Redshift site.


I also realized that trying to read the entire Bible in a year was a bit much for elementary, especially while trying to add in world history around it!


So we dropped it at that point and just did SOTW w/AG. Meanwhile, we read through Egermeier's, one story per day. It was slower than SOTW was going, BUT... my 1st grader started to make connections between secular and Biblical history! :D I did too. I wasn't noticing them when we were doing Biblioplan, because we were having to cram SO much reading into a day.


My other issue with Biblioplan was the K-2 and 3-5 readers. There was ONE recommendation each week for each of those (sometimes they were combined), and many of them were not available at my library. Why? Because they were often retellings of the Bible story we just read directly from the Bible that day. Why do we need a retelling? I really wanted information that wasn't in what we had just read. Give me more details about the things going on at the time of that Bible story, or about the culture of the people at that time.


So it wasn't worth it for me. I did have the parent companion, and it does have some stuff in there to talk about the Biblical history with the secular history, though I really didn't have time to read it (I had an 18 month old :tongue_smilie:). Also, I didn't have the Victor Journey Through the Bible because it was out of stock everywhere. I think there were more being printed, but it was going to be a while. I still want to pick that up sometime, as it does look good.


Anyway, check the Redshift site and see if any of those lists give you what you need. And to give you an idea of why we stopped at week 15, here's the Egermeier lineup for chapter 15 of SOTW:

Rahab Helps the Spies

Crossing the Jordan

The Walls of Jericho

Because Achan Stole

Joshua Builds the Altar of God's Law

Joshua Is Tricked by Strangers

The Sun and the Moon Stand Still

The Israelites Settle in Canaan

Cities of Refuge

The Altar Beside the Jordan

Joshua's Farewell

The Israelites Forget God

Ehud Judges Israel

Deborah Leads Israel

Gideon Tears Down an Altar of Baal

Gideon and the Fleece

Gideon Attacks the Midianites

Abimelech Makes Himself King

Jephthah Leads Israel to Victory

Samson's Birth Is Announced

Samson Chooses a Wife

Samson Angers the Philistines

Samson and Delilah

Samson Dies



Hannah Gives Samuel to the Lord

God Speaks to Samuel

The Ark of God Is Captured

The Ark of God Troubles the Philistines

Freedom from the Philistines

The Israelites Want a King


We may use Mystery of History later, for a book that actually ties things together. Not sure. I decided to wait until logic stage to worry about tying them together - or rather, let DS tie them together in the logic stage, since that's what that stage is for, right? ;)

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