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We're a little stuck on planning for science next year. I'll be a sophomore, and I took Apologia biology in 8th grade and chemistry last year in 9th. I've been doing APs in history and English, and while I'm taking AP Euro and AP Lang this year, I really don't want to ignore the math and science side of things (math already got slowed down last year because of all the AP work.) I'm part of the way through precalculus (though I'll finish it this school year), so I obviously couldn't tackle AP Physics C. I really want a challenge, though!


So, it's between Apologia physics (the easiest option), or self-studying AP Chemistry, AP Bio, or AP Physics B. Since they're changing the Bio exam, this year, I don't know that this would be the best time to do it since I wouldn't be familiar with the changes. Also, I've read that AP Physics B isn't the greatest class to take because colleges don't accept credit for it because it's not calculus-based. AP Chem could work - I just did chemistry last year, but I'm worried that it could turn out to be extremely boring! (Yes, while it does sound trivial, I want to feel like I'm learning something applicable to the real world instead of mindless problems based on fifty different formulas!). I'm definitely up for self-studying: I've taken three AP exams before, one of them successfully elf-studied, so I'm familiar with the drill.


Anyway, sorry for this long post - if any knowledgeable someone could offer an opinion, it would be so appreciated! In what order have your kids done the AP sciences?

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From what I've heard, if you're good in Math, AP Phy-Chem-Bio sequence would be good. Otherwise, AP Bio-Chem-Phy would be better.


However, mine did AP Chem first even though she's strong in Math. She decided to self-study and took AP Chem and Calc exams this year and got 5s.


BTW, if you decide to self-study for AP Chem, we strongly recommend http://www.adriandingleschemistrypages.com/apquiz.html for the MCQs. We are super grateful for those quizzes!

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First, would you like to be adopted? I would love to have a kid with your motivation.


The question is how do you want to do your physics? If you do NOT intend to AP the physics, do that now. You'll get it out of the way without another rigorous AP course on your schedule this year.


If you are planning to AP the physics, then I would go AP Chem (which will help you with AP Bio because that is a lot more chem based than it used to be), then AP Bio, then AP Physics and do the hardest Physics you can stand so that you have a shot at getting credit (which will depend on your score, the college, and your major - at the very least it will demonstrate that you took it seriously), ideally not with other APs that year (because you'll have done most of them by the time you get there, at the rate you are going!).


Good luck. I think that at this point, given what you've done so far, you are really only trying to figure out the BEST plan among plans that are ALL good, so try not to stress, you aren't going to go wrong.

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