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What are you using for Bible Study? Explorer's?


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I've read a few different people recommend Explorer's Bible Study:



I'm a little confused...I get it that the whole family is studying the same subjects in the bible at the same time, but when the child gets to the next age range do you start the cycle again in the "older age" version?...Do you move from Beginnings I - to Beginnings II - to Discovery - then to Quest - then Adult? Does it just get more detailed each time you study the Old Testament or Genesis...or is it meant to just do across the family/different age groups for a few years?


I have a preschooler, K and 1st grader this year (and an infant). Any suggestions on a bible curriculum/study plan?


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for any advice...



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We just read a story Bible and talk about it.


This year we're doing Adventures in My Father's World and it includes Bible. I am thinking of adding something for my older two so they can get used to having a personal devotions time.

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Yes, it does get more detailed in the different levels. You could do it either of the ways you described.


I cannot answer more specifically, though, because we are not using it that way. I love the curriculum, but I also write my own stuff. Here's what I have done:


K: Egermeier's Bible Story Book


1st: Community Bible Study early Israel history (Judges and such)


2nd: Curriculum I wrote on Genesis underpinnings for Messiah, and then hopping over to the Gospels for a closer look at Jesus


3rd: Curriculum I wrote on Acts


4th: Kay Arthur's children's Bible study books, a smattering of topics


5th: Explorer's Job, Psalms, Proverbs


Next year I am again writing curriculum. I love Explorer's and can see myself using it again. However, next year I am teaching the girls an intensive inductive method class, and am again writing my own curriculum.


I don't yet know what ds will be studying next year in 2nd grade, but there is a strong possibility that it will be either Explorer's or the same curriculum I wrote for dd on Genesis/Messiah.


All this to say:


Just plunge in.


Just start now, and take it one year at a time. This curriculum is a wonderful, thorough way to interact directly and inductively with Bible text. You may find yourself gladly reinvesting year to year with this program, or God may direct your steps elsewhere in future.

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Have your K and 1st grader work from the same Explorer's level. Don't deal with two different levels for them.


Also, I have found that many kids comfortably work one level higher than what is recommended. (I have found this to be the case with every Bible curriculum I have ever evaluated.) Take a look at the Explorer's samples and see what you think.

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