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Anyone in southern MN/northern IA?

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We will be traveling from Chicago to South Dakota via Route 90 in MN near the border of IA, at least that looks like the best route :) It is about a 14 hour trip so we're trying to find a place about halfway to stop for an overnight. We are trying to travel very cheaply, so I've been checking out camping areas (Spirit Lake, IA and Lake Okabena in Worthington, MN) but haven't had much success. Is there anyone in that general area that can recommend an inexpensive place to stay, or another big camping area that we can check out? We'd like to stay within 15 minutes of Route 90 if possible. Thanks so much!

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We traveled there recently. There's camping in the Forestville State Park. I'm not sure how close exactly it is to I 90.


If you have the time, check out the caves in that region!


Niagara Cave website says it's "less than an hour from I 90" http://www.niagaracave.com/default.asp


Mystery Cave is around there too. It's part of the Forestville State Park but it's located away from the main park.http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/mystery_cave/tour_map.html

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