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If you take summers off- how many weeks have you been of this year?

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I'm trying to gauge where we sit WRT to what everyone else is doing.


When did you start your summer holidays and when did you start back up? How many weeks off was that?


We started mid-June and won't start back up until August. I'm thinking I goofed and planned too long of a break. :o Of course, I had discussed this with the kids and they had agreed to work X amount each day (which hasn't happened) so that is part of the reason we have been off so long.


I'm not feeling very good about how things stand with regards to school and as we prepare to be gone for the next 3 weeks there's not much I can do about it. :(

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Stopped early June. Starting mid-August (because of an impending visit in late Sept. which will mess with our schedule). I think it's 11 weeks total.


It's not too short for us. We're playing Monopoly, doing a huge latch hook, surfing, swimming, boogie boarding, running, biking, making some math art, going to free concerts, playing cards, etc.


Oh, and we're doing some clean-up around the house too! I find that I need to plan my days just as much as during the school year, but we do different things that the warm weather encourages. HTH!

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We pretty much wrapped up at the end of May. However, like you, I have my kids do a small amount each day over the summer. We never stop math and reading and we did a little Spanish each day to keep things fresh.


I usually start ramping up again in August, but I don't think I will this year. (Isn't tomorrow August?:tongue_smilie:) I am finally starting to feel burnt out and I'm afraid if I start back too soon, I'll just wind up overwhelmed.


Try to enjoy your vacation and stop worrying about school until you get back. Think of all the kids who are out all summer and somehow survive. :001_smile:



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