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Cures for the easily distracted

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My 8yo is easily distracted. Very easily. I mean, she'll watch a fleck of dust float across the room in the middle of reading a great book. Anything and everything will distract her, especially when she's doing school work.


Getting her to focus is a chore and a half. Does this require medication? I am not asking this with any snark. Is there a way to fix this without meds? I'm getting seriously concerned with her inability to complete any sort of work.


I know this isn't all the issues I'm having with her and not working. She does have a sour attitude about things but that's not what this post is about.


Also, if you don't mind chiming in- about medications- if they can be so helpful, why are people against them or try to avoid them as much as possible? What are the reasons for delaying or avoiding medication (if any)? Pardon my ignorance. I don't know anything about ADHD or medications for it.

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My middle son is like that. We discovered a couple of years ago that he has auditory processing disorder, and being easily distracted is one of the signs. He could easily get a diagnosis of ADD from a traditional doctor if we wanted to pursue that and hyper-focusing on stuff like that is common with that dx. We have been working with him with the help of a neurodevelopmentalist, and he does not take any meds. He is improving, and we are retraining his brain in a sense to have better focus on the task at hand. It is frustrating for all of us. He so badly wants to do what he is told, but he simply cannot at times, and as a result he had behavior problems until we started making progress.

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We tried exercise and high EFA omega-3s for a year before we finally sought medication. Sometimes the regular exercise/breaks and omega-3s are enough. I've also heard great things about zinc. There's a book called ADHD Without Meds. Dd's case is severe enough to require meds, but that might provide other useful suggestions for you.

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