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PAC American History?

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I chose this for DD 9th grade because she doesn't really like History and I wanted something light. Now that I have it, I see that the first year only goes through pre-Civil war and that year 2 is meant to cover the rest.


We were only planning one year of American history though. We did cover some American history last year through current times. But isn't that going to be really screwed up, spending a whole year on pre-Civil war and then just nothing?


I saw that it was two parts, I don't know what I was thinking...

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So what if I sent this back and did Hakim History of US with the study guides


I think you would find Hakim even more reading than PAC. The original series has 10 volumes and the condensed version has 4. What about something like Exploring America from Notgrass that is designed as a one year study from the get go? You could scale back the literature and writing if you wanted to make it lighter.

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My dd did PAC Biology and Anatomy in one year, which is 8 books. We started late as that was the 3rd biology program my dd tried. The books are very quick reads and the question worksheets afterward are quick as well. We do an outside enrichment program, so my dd does her work from me in 3 days a week. She was able to do 2 lessons a day to be able to finish in a year. If I remember right it took her 1 - 1 1/2 hours to do the 2 lessons. My dd is not very academic or rigorous, she is a get it done as easily as possible kind of child. I would imagine that you could easily do the 2 years of American History in one. If I remember the quizzes and tests are extra days. There were 3 quizzes and 1 test per booklet. Which would average to 6-7 lessons/quizzes/tests per week.


My concern would be that the 2nd half, last I checked, hasn't been released yet. Only the 1st half that you have has been released. So a possibility would be to do the program you have for the 1st semester, and then do something else for the 2nd semester to cover the more modern history.

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