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Another birthday party etiquette question

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Four of my dds birthdays are within a month of each other. Two in October literally 7 days apart, then 2 in November 4 days apart. Another dd is 7 days after Christmas (New Year's Day). Throw other holidays in the mix and aaahhh!!! It is hard to plan parties for them due to a busy holiday season. So here is the question. Would it be appropriate to send out a combined birthday invite? Some like "The (lastname) girls are another year older. You are invited to a birthday bash....."


I know an invitation is not asking for presents nor do the girls or I expect them. Some of the girls have different friends due to age differences. Would they think we would expect them for everyone? How would I handle that if asked? Would this be appropriate? I really don't think I can spring for 4 parties in the middle of holiday season and this year we really want to do something.

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I think a combined birthday bash sounds like a great idea. Go ahead and throw a fun party!


As far as gifts, let folks figure it out for themselves. Some may bring a gift for each girl, some may bring a gift just for the one who is "their friend". If someone asked me, I would probably just suggest they bring a small gift just for their friend, but I wouldn't make an announcement at large or anything.

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