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Logic of English question


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I saw in an excerpt on her site some quotes from Diane McGuiness, who wrote Why Our Children Can't Read. If Eide's program isn't the LOE book, then what do you get from this book, exactly? how is she different from McGuiness?


Thanks for your help.

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Not sure I understand your first question, but I will venture an answer all the same.


If you are asking about the Uncovering book, it is the theory. The Essentials curriculum is the lesson plans & workbook based on that theory. I think it is sort-of like the relationship between Nebel's Elementary Education and BFSU. Atleast one poster on this forum has said she was confident enough to teach directly from the Uncovering book.


I have not seen the Uncovering book yet, but I think it has much the same info as WRTR and the SWR red book - only, Denise Eide seems to be have much better communication skills. :) I was impressed with her videos on Youtube; very clear and comprehensive.


Her approach is very much like Spalding/SWR. She was a SWR trainer in 2009. I have no idea about Diane McGuiness' method, so cannot attempt to answer your second question.

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