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Blogs/websites similar to 100 Days of Real Food?

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After not paying close attention to what we ate for the past ten months (my father's death and dealing with estate), I've recommitted myself to feeding my family great-tasting, fresh, whole foods.


Last week I discovered the 100 Days of Real Food blog. Wow! The ideas have helped my meal planning, we've tried three new recipes so far, and my visual girls like all the pretty pictures :001_smile:


Anyone have similar blogs or websites to recommend? We are "flexitarians" who eat some meat and lots of chicken and dairy. We cannot consume any soy whatsoever as dd17 is allergic, so most vegan sites I've looked at don't work for us.


Thanks in advance :bigear:

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we've using these meal plans since Jan. They are very good!


I spent some time digging around on the website yesterday, very nice! I have seen her cookbook on various websites and it even showed up on amazon as one of the "other people bought this" books. I've requested it from my library.


Thanks :001_smile:


Any other suggestions?

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