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longshot, but if any are called to help....

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This couple needs any support they can get. I can't tell you how awesome they are. The wife has been diagnosed with Invasive Breast Cancer. She voluntarily teaches at a low income school in a low income, high crime area and was voted teacher of the year. He is a children's musician who has volunteered countless hours at local fundraisers. What really sticks out in my head is he recently was attending the funeral for my friend that died of a stroke, leaving behind her 2 year old son. He was just there to grieve, but when the pianist didn't show up he volunteered to play the music for the whole service. He played for HOURS at a fundraiser to help with her medical bills. He just is an amazing man. They are amazing people. They should NOT have to worry about money during this time of crisis. In any other western country they wouldn't. But here, we as a people have said we want to support these kinds of things privately, not via the government, so here it is people. The private plea of a devastated family. If you feel called to help, this is the webpage with more information.



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My heart aches for this family. I could not give much, but I felt lead to give the money for a book that I just sold. I pray for comfort and healing in this uncertain time.:grouphug:


thank you. your generosity is touching, I really appreciate it.

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