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Core Knowledge Bookstore - shipping??? *faints*


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Granted, I'm in Aus, but I near fainted :scared:


I have 4 books in my cart (4x Preschooler Activity Books) so $80 total. And the shipping they want is $155! :001_huh: Is that....normal? :confused: Do they overcharge if they don't know, and then charge back, or is it just insane?


I'm really upset, I purchased the Preschooler needs to know from RR with the intention of getting the Activity Books to go with it. I didn't realize the only place to get the books from was either the CK bookstore or from some stranger charging 3x the price who may not send it. :(

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We are in Colombia, so I know your situation very well. I suggest you find a Forwarder in the USA, who specializes in shipments to the Land of Oz. Have it shipped to you, c/o the Forwarder, and they will Forward to you. Probably a lot cheaper and maybe faster too.


We used a Forwarder in Miami to ship to us in Colombia, but apparently they went out of business, so now I need to find a new Forwarder. :) They were excellent and delivered what we ordered to our house. :001_smile:


If you are in or near a major city (Sydney, Melbourne, etc.) look in your phone book for Air Freight Forwarders or something like that. If you are close to the airport, maybe drive over to the Air Cargo area and ask for ideas.


If you are not near a major city, possibly send an email to the Australian Consulate/Consulate General in Los Angeles or San Francisco and ask them if they can point you in the right direction. HTH

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