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Can you help me fix my caramel sauce?

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The omniscient Google is no help at all.


So, I made caramel sauce last night (I've used the same recipe before with no problem). You boil water, brown sugar, and corn syrup for 10 minutes, then take it off the heat and add cream.


Normally, adding cream to vigorously boiling sugar makes the sauce bubble up frantically, but last night . . . nothing. I just stirred in the cream and . . . that was it. Which seemed odd. But I let it cool a bit, poured it into a jar, and went to bed.


Sure enough, this morning, the sauce is weird--looks like normal, creamy caramel sauce at the top of the jar, but the bottom half is a thin, dark liquid.


Why did it separate? And more importantly, can I fix it?


Any input appreciated!

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I had a fail with fudge the other day and someone said the humidity can affect it. With candy making on the stove like that, while 'boil 10 minutes' will sometimes work, in some weather you arent going to get to the right temp to make it set. I use an instant-read thermometer even with my microwave peanut brittle, to make sure it gets to the right temp.


So i would probably look for caramel sauce recipes which include what temp to boil it to, and re-boil - i've reboiled fudge and its worked, but of course there's always a chance the cream could curdle!


and honestly, my last fudge failure . .. after i'd finished it off, i figured out the REAL problem . . . i'd grabbed my almost-empty potato starch bin, not my almost-empty powdered sugar bin, so 1/3 c of my sugar had been replaced with potato starch.


candy is chemistry, tho, and its sometimes hard to figure out what went wrong.

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