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Home Picture Printers...Recommendations?

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I have a birthday coming up and I'd love to not have to run to Costco for every 4x6 or larger print I need. This would be for home use; I'm not a professional but would like a printer that prints high-quality pictures.


I'm looking at an Epson Artisan 1430, which costs around $220, but if anyone has another brand they like, please let me know. I can probably spend a little more than $220 but not the $650 price tags I've seen. I've never owned one and there are so many, it's becoming confusing.


Thanks for any suggestions you can give!

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Thank you! Actually, since my op, I've been looking (drooling over, perhaps :tongue_smilie:) a Canon. I had a good feeling about it...


I am a newbie regarding photo printers, too, I just didn't know if there was an experienced person on the boards who could chime in.


Thank you!

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Thanks for this link, my photo printer seems to be dying and I was looking for something new too. This one is a great price and should do what I need.

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Both of these suggestions sound great, although I should probably go with the smaller one and just print 4x6 and smaller photos at home, since those are what I use the most, and save the big photos to have done at Costco. This may also be more cost effective.


Thanks for the suggestions! I'm getting excited...

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