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Need some recipes using Chuck Steak, Cubed Steak, etc...

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Long story short, we were given some meat I haven't ever used before. I need some recipes (budget-friendly) for these meats:


Chuck Steak

Rib Steak Roasts

Rib Steak

Cubed Steak (not in cubes, but pounded down meat)

Beef Shanks



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Hi Carli!!! I miss you on the "other" board! But it's good to see you here.


We love MM's cubed steak sandwich.


A roast recipe I like is roast, some ketchup (one cup or so), a can of tomato sauce, bunches of sliced onions, a tablespoon or two of Worcestershire and then about 2-4 tblsp horseradish sauce. YUMMY! I cook it all day on the crock pot and serve it over rice or noodles.


For the steaks, you could just grill them straight up! Add some seasoning salt if you'd like.


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Here are a few, all from my blog.


chuck steak or chuck roast:

Shredded Beef Tacos


chuck roast:

90 Minute Perfect Pot Roast


cube steak:

Dip it in flour seasoned with salt and pepper, then fry. Or dip it in melted vanilla ice cream, then seasoned flour and fry. :)

I agree, definitely Ree's Marlboro Man Sandwich. (See my comments on this, although the link in that post needs to be updated.)


rib roast, definitely make this:

Roast Beef Perfection


Okay, I just ate dinner, and I'm feeling hungry again. :)


These sound great! Thank you so much! Printed and headed for my binder!:D


Darla Darla!!!! *Jumping up and down*:D Just pm'd you!


Thanks ladies!


Any more??? I gotta lotta meat! :001_smile:

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This is how I cook cube steak:


I brown it on both sides, using butter or margarine. Then I add a can of Campbell's beef broth to the pan, and put a lid on it and cook it until it is tender. Then I make gravy with the beef broth using Knorr beef gravy mix. I serve it with mashed potatoes.


This is the way the kids like it.



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