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Anybody used CLE social studies 4 and 5?


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If you used CLE social studies 4th or 5th grade, please comment. The textbook is expensive, but I really like the look of units and questions addressed for 4th grade. Did not find samples for 5th grade, and samples of book itself. Before buying it, I would like to ask your opinion. Thank you. Lena

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I've used ss4 with ds10 and am using it with ds9.


SS4 is an overview of world geography and is a full 10 LU long. Ds10 found it so difficult and dry that we reduced it to a couple of times per week for the first 4 months of grade 4. As he matured and gained skill, he was able to do it daily. We finished it in grade 5. Ds9 is handling it a bit easier and I'm supporting his learning more. You will need the map package that is available.


I would likely use it again because it gets the job done. While I agree that SS5 has content that I'd like to see learned, I'm going a different route for Canadian Geography. We don't get too concerned with American geo. here.


Hopefully someone else will be of help there.

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