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Help me design an at home relaxation week with little kids?

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I need a break. Part of our house is being renovated- so it is a wreck. The kids (preschool-k) have been crazy, in need of non-stop interaction and my littlest is a tinkering destroyer. I can not even seem to finish a thought. Since having someone take the kids for a week (or even a night) isn't an option, I'm trying to figure out a way to take a stay at home vacation even with them. I'm thinking of taking them to the pool every day, only using paper plates for the week, staying far from the chaos of playdates/scheduled events, putting a movie on every afternoon for quiet time. Any other ideas? Easy gluten free recipes that don't make a huge mess?

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I once did this with my kids for a couple of weeks, when they were younger.


Yes to paper plates.


Easy (even frozen) meals. Fruit/veggie platters with cheese. Breakfast for dinner. My DH is traveling now and my kids have happily had smoothies and popcorn for dinner twice this week. :D


Did I say easy meals? Those were for the kids. You are on vacation so you can have fancy stuff. I favor savory splurges like tzatziki, hummus, good cheese, good chocolate, etc. Make sure you have a lovely treat set aside for yourself every day.


New movies for the kids each afternoon.


Some wonderful new toy for the kids, or a refill of something they love. The year I bought the kids a deluxe water slide was the most relaxing summer of my life. Lots of magazines and iced tea. My kids also love Play-Doh and that is much cheaper than a water slide, if that is out of the budget.


Basically, a vacation needs to include enough novelty for the kids to give you a break. :tongue_smilie:


New movies, books for you every night. I did a Jane Austen and general BBC movie binge. If you like this kind of thing, do not miss North and South.


Mani/pedi supplies, bath bombs, a new robe, some music you have been wanting... Relax at night. I took up a Candlelight Yoga DVD when I was almost completely nuts and it was transformative.

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Yes to disposable dishes! Yes to indugent food and pampering ideas -- you're saving a lot on food and accommodations after all!


Schedule it like an event planner would -- lots of great ideas, and lots of time slots to do them in, everything pre-made and easy as pie:


Breakfast: fruit bowl, muffins-or-similar, yogurt

Lunch: veggie tray, cold meat and/or cheese, fruit bowl, toast-or-similar

Supper: pre-make them, buy them pre-made, order take-out or go out

Free Snacking on fruit, veggies, nuts, cereal, popcorn and the like.


Swimming daily sounds like a blast. Do movie time, plus a quiet time: one after the other, so you get a long stretch for reading or resting. Also, have at least one daily new, different or rare activity that you initiate for your kids and engage with them to get started. Also, do you have local attractions to visit?

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Yes, we have lots if local attractions. It may sound odd, but the magazine suggestion caught me off guard. I don't know when I last browsed through a magazine. And play dough! I forgot how much the kids love that. Thank you for the suggestions and keep them coming. It's as if I've been so entrenched in momdom that I've forgotten how to treat myself.

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