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Please post your high school student's school supply list.

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This is what I stock up on (I buy liberal amounts during back to school sales, so supplies last the whole year):


1 student planner for each kid

3-ring binders

filler paper (lined and graph paper)

composition and spiral bound notebooks

small notebook for vocabulary

pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners


sticky notes

white printer paper


DD will also need a graphing calculator this year

When we did geometry, we also bought a good compass.

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Colored pencils


Large binder

Dividers – 7

Single-subject binder (for lab manual)

Ruler(s), inches and metric


Art paper

Student-style three-hole punch

Index cards

Printer paper


He already has a calculator sufficient for the math he's doing this year. We no longer buy filler paper, because he types almost everything. Similarly, he doesn't need a planner, because he types that information.


I insisted he buy the three-hole punch so that he will stop stealing mine.

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lots of spiral notebooks (already had a ton from past years...)

lots of pencils and pens

a few highlighters

a few 3-ring binders (reused from past years)

a few composition books (lab notebooks)

plenty of printer paper

sticky notes in several sizes

index cards


The only things I've had to buy are the printer paper and some sticky notes. He already has a graphing calculator, laptop, and software for various purposes, and science lab materials.

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college lined filler paper

composition notebook for lab notebook

pocket folders (I use them for covers on some printable workbooks)

small post-its

4x6 index cards

printer ink

Sharpie pens (I like these to write in textbooks, they don't smear or bleed through thinner paper)

metal math compass


good pencil sharpener

moleskin-type blank journal for commonplace book

small white board for notes

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