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Tofu people, I have a question

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I am making a cold pasta salad with a mayo based dressing as a side for dinner tonight. The recipe calls for chicken. Can I substitute tofu? Should I plan to dry it and fry it, as I do for hot pasta dishes?


The alternative is no meat/tofu/protein in the salad, which is also fine. I wanted to consider this though--is it a good idea or not?

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I would have said I would think tofu would be fine. With a mayo based dressing I would think you'd only taste the mayo over the tofu/chicken anyway. If it were me, I would have preferred seitan if I wanted something that closely resembled chicken, or I would have frozen the tofu first to change its texture.

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I'm not sure why you couldn't. We often use this stuff called "chik'n" in dishes I would normally put chicken in (like a taco soup) when I don't want to make double dishes b/c one of my daughters is a vegetarian (she does eat eggs, milk, fish). There are a lot of substitutes on the market besides just tofu - tonight I'm actually cooking a tofu pasta dish. It does need to be seasoned (marinated really) well. But it's good!!

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