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U.S. gymnast's parents react to her routine

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I thought it was great. Good for them, and Aly. I'd be the Mom hiding my eyes until it was over, so I think Aly's parents are pretty gutsy.;) I'd be puking either as a parent or competitor---and more likely as a parent. Hope we get to see more of her parents.:)

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I am so glad to be here with all you sane people. I saw this at another site and the comments were so harsh. People were saying terrible things about the parents.


I saw two people in love with their kid, their hearts beating in tandem with hers. I have moved my body like that when my ds is in a show. You know the routines as well as they do and you just can't help it.


I can only assume the people making such mean comments must not have kids. They have no idea what it is like to have your baby out there, so vulnerable, but doing what they love.

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As the mom of a gymnast, though not one near that level, I watched that last night and did not even give it a second thought. It seemed completely normal to me. I get so nervous watching my daughter compete for far-lesser stakes that I can barely write down her score afterwards: my handwriting is nothing like my normal handwriting and is barely legible because I can NOT make my hands stop shaking.


None of us has any idea how we would act if it were our kid out there in those circumstances, but I thought her reactions were cute and refreshingly unscripted. I love the focus on the moms in NBC's coverage and in the P&G ads that are running and hope the bizarre reactions to Mrs. Raisman (didn't someone suggest that she has Parkinson's? Really?) do not discourage either NBC or the moms from participating.




:iagree: I get just as nervous when my Dc are competing. Once when Ds was competing at our 4H State Dog Bowl I had to stay out of the room for a round. I was soo nervous for him. Once you leave the room they won't let you in until the next round b/c you might reveal questions asked. It drove me crazy not knowing what was happening and imagining it instead, but I was stuck outside until the doors opened for the next round. It was worse than watching. Then I went back in, but I had to sit at the extreme back of the room. Ds doesn't get nervous at all.:confused:


When Dd competes at AKC shows with her dog I can't handle him at all b/c my anxiety transfers right down the leash to him. Dd thinks I'm nuts.


Anyway, I completely sympathize with the Raismans. Then again, a lot of people don't understand why I get so anxious either.

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Someone I am friends with on facebook had her mom as a bridesmaid, and she posted the video yesterday. I thought it was hilarious.


The closest my daughter has come to any sort of public competition was when she sang solo in front of our (very large) church when she was 8 or 9. I was such a wreck I had the runs beforehand and couldn't hold the camera steady I was shaking so bad. PATHETIC! :lol: I would be a mess if my kid was in the Olympics. I can understand why many moms cannot attend (Nastia L.), or cannot watch (the black gymnast's mom cracked me up too).

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Sigh, I have been there and done that and it was just for something like a preschool dance recital. LOL I always told my husband if he ever went on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire he'd have to get someone else to come sit behind him because I would be puking all over the place. :001_huh:



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