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I need some ideas for lunch, please.

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Pasting this from a couple of days ago:



Here are some ideas that I have listed here before, just copying and pasting.



Breakfast burritos

baked oatmeal


crepes (they are mostly egg)

boiled eggs and fruit


huevos rancheros

yogurt parfaits with homemade granola, greek yogurt (it's higher in protein and lower in sugar than regular) and fruit

waffles with peanut or almond butter

biscuits, sausage, scrambled eggs

breakfast pizza

various egg-based casseroles

french toast with bacon

Breakfast frittatas




Most of these are easy and nutritious and many are fairly low in cost.

tostones, black beans and rice (I've posted my tostone and black bean recipes here before)

tortellini with parmesan and veggies

Baked Potatoes

Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese sandwiches

Hummus, Pita Bread and tomato/cucumber/onion/black olive relish stuff

Baked Potato Soup

mini quiches (these are super easy to make and freeze to re-heat at lunch time!)

bean burritos with avocados and chips with salsa

bean and polenta pies (put a slice of polenta in a ramekin and a red and black bean/onion mix inside topped with a little cheese and bake)

homemade mini pizzas and pineapple

funny-face egg salad sandwiches (open face sandwiches served with carrot sticks, slices of pepper, sliced olives, anything that the kids can use to make faces)

homemade waffles with bacon (the kids LOVE this for lunch! but I do it rarely)

flautas (make and freeze ahead) with cheese cubes and 7 layer dip

ham and cheese bagels

corn chowder

wontons (yes, they are a lot of work for lunch but I love them, they are delicious and sometimes I want them!) and rice

chili/cornbread pie

pasta salad

broccoli and cheese soup with rolls

aloha mini-cheeseburgers-I mix crushed pineapple with the meat and make small patties, cook them on the griddle and add a slice of sharp cheddar to the top then serve on hawaiian sweet rolls. I like baked sweet potato fries on the side.

veggies, bread cubes and cheese fondue

15 bean soup and cornbread



Homemade Pizza and pears

PB&J sandwich with yogurt

Naan, olives and hummus

Tortilla chips with layer dip

mini quiches and applesauce

Apples and PB with yogurt

s'mores and bananas

Graham crackers with nutella

homemade vanilla pudding

applesauce and cheese

PB and banana pinwheels

Nachos and a smoothie

PB&J sandwich with yogurt

Nutella wontons with fried bananas

Devilled eggs and veggies

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