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LOE Alone for a Kinder?


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Hi, I purchased LOE before I realized it was really for those that already knew their basic phonograms. I've been debating on selling it (can't return it as I bought it well more than 30 days ago -- got it at a conference. The lady made it sound like it was for beginning readers. I should've taken more time to read through the book before purchasing).


Anyway, LOE states that for Kindergarteners, to teach them the sounds of the 26 letters first, and to do one letter a day and then pick up with lesson 1, but working slower paced (2 weeks per lesson).


I plan to do this, but I worry about going too fast. My other two learned to read via A Beka, and I know they spent more than one day on a letter/sound before moving to the next.


I am going to be using McGuffey's speller and reader to teach to read too, but I want LOE to be the main focus with McGuffey as an add-on.


Is anyone else in my shoes? Anyone else trying to teach a Kindergartener how to read with LOE? What are your plans? Are you doing the one letter a day for the first few weeks before moving on to lesson 1?


Should I supplement with something else besides McGuffey? Or, should I scrap LOE until next year and use something entirely different?

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I am using it with a 6 year old emergent reader and a 4 year old.


It can be done :-)


Teach the phonograms first. Teach them while you teach WRITING the phonograms. Teach using salt trays, sandpaper letters, big foam boards for forming letters with your fingers. Use the game cards.


Then, when you start the lessons, write all the spelling words on index cards. Mark the phonograms.


Use them for reading practice.


Use her alternative spelling lists on the LOE website (by grade level) for additional practice.


Progressive phonics readers and Leapfrog learn to read TAG books are awesome with LOE. The leapfrog books have the phonograms highlighted already. I mark phonograms on the progressive phonics readers.


I have a two weeks schedule per chapter up on my blog (click on free downloads to get to it) for how we broke it down once you get to lessons, and the coordinating readers.


Hope that helps. :-)

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Thank you so much! You've given me hope, and I feel so much better now. I did have in my mind to include my older children, I just don't know how it's going to work. Will the older kids get bored going at the slower pace for my kinder? The older kids each have their own LA curriculum they'll be using and when they do that work my kinder will be using an online phonics game (I have enough points to get the lifetime click-n-read from HSBC) or doing learning games (I have a eight zipper pouches that I'm going to fill with games or fun learning things for him to do that he can choose from).


I guess I'm just not good at figuring things out on my own. I don't like scripted too much (why I'm not doing A Beka with him), but I like some sort of outline besides being told to do a letter a day. It was just too vague for me. LOL


I appreciate you posting your plan on your blog! I'm downloading it right now!!!!

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I planning on scheduling out the next few chapters soon, as I am almost running out of plans :-). I'll put them up as soon as I have them. My plan is to take 2 years or so to go through it, and then to do it AGAIN over one year. By then the advanced level should be out, and we'll move on. :D

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I'm using parts of LOE with my kindergartner this year. Basically I'm planning on using WRTR concepts and style of teaching but using the LOE phonograms, games, and cursive handwriting curriculum. I'm going to follow the WRTR introduction order of phonograms and also will use the Ayres list.


I'm also going to have my 3rd grader do the phonograms with us and use the Ayres list as his spelling curriculum.


Then next year I will decide if I want to buy the entire LOE curriculum or not for 1st grade.

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