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Twins update. Mamma & babes are struggling.

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D has been put on steroids because his lungs are really struggling to mature. He was born at 26 weeks 1 day and it has been exactly 4 weeks since he was born. M was born at 28 weeks 1 day. He is two weeks old now and has just experienced a small brain bleed. The doctors cannot predict if this will cause impairment or to what degree.


Their mamma has another infection. Her immune system is tanked. She's pumping every 3 hrs. round the clock for milk for the babes, trying to be at the hospital all the time, etc. and she's about to be hospitalized if she doesn't improve.


My friend (grandma) is back in Huntsville to stay for a while and I'm taking care of the farm again. My allergies are in full swing and though I'm absolutely determined to do this for her, I have to admit that I'm feeling very fatigued. At times, I'm really dizzy when I leave the barn. Yesterday, i had to go inside the house and just sit for a while in order to be able to drive. Ds, who helps, is only 13 and while he is learning a little driving skill here and there on the back roads, he isn't ready to drive us home if I can't. The dizzy spell and headache, after sneezing 29 times in a row, was not fun. Everything is setting the allergies off and meds are struggling to control it.


So, if you remember, please pray for the babes, for their mamma to get better, and for me to be able to keep up with it. Dh is holding his own with the Lyme's and if he can stay healthy, that will help me out greatly.



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Praying for everyone. I feel for that mama. My dd was not nearly as premature as the twins, but I remember the pumping and trying to be at the hospital a lot (where there was almost no place to pump), etc. etc. It was very frustrating and exhausting and I didn't have an infection. I hope everyone is better soon.


I have occasionally gotten very dizzy from allergies and my doctor said to take meclizine when I get the dizziness. It really helps with the dizziness but does make me sleepy.

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Have you tried wearing a particle mask while doing the farm work? That's what I usually have to do if I know I'm going to be doing something that will be awful for my allergies. I have allergy induced asthma and have to be careful not to set it off too badly.

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I will definitely continue to pray. I was hoping that they were all doing better. I can't imagine the stress the family is going through.


You are such a wonderful friend to sacrifice so much to help them through this time. I will also pray that you are strengthened to be able to continue!


God Bless,

Elise in NC

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