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Confused about Sonlight for K... To use or not to use. Is it what I'm looking for?


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I am looking at Sonlight for my upcoming K'r. I have looked at both the Core package and multi-subject package. It looks as though I am getting LA with the multi-subject package which would include phonics? Does Sonlight include their own phonics? I see in the samples that the multi-subject LA includes copywork where my DS would be learning his letters and sounds, but what about learning to read? Is this included? Do I have to get the multi-subject K package to get the reading and phonics?


I am a bit confused! I don't really care to have Science for a K'r, but would like him to have great read alouds for history/literature, and also get his phonics, math and handwriting.


My 2 older children are doing HOD bigger, but I don't think he is quite ready for HOD Little Hearts and I'm sure Little Hands would be way too easy and not interest him since it reviews the alphabet which already knows. He is now reading some CVC words and understands how to blend the sounds to make words.


I am just really unsure where to place him, Sonlight or not.

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Sonlight kind of confuses me to be honest. I've looked at it and I just don't get it.

What about MFW K? I've heard that some people feel you can put this right before little hearts and it works wonderfully. I'm doing MFW k this year and may do Little Hearts and do a second year of K with my daughter.

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Hi! I've used Sonlight for years, including the Kindergarten curriculum. I love it! I love the books selected. However, I do not particularly care for the language arts program. I like their theory...anyway...


I used Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons along with Sonlight's other books. Then we took it as slow or fast as we needed. It seems like we got to some lessons & it was like pulling teeth to get through them. Then I realized that my child was just needing a break for a bit. I would continue on with the other books and activities and come back to reading in a few days or a week. I've used this method with my 2 oldest (now 8 & 11) & both are very smart & avid readers now!


FYI, I am checking out Heart of Dakota this year. Still love Sonlight, but I have noticed some things about HOD that I really like.


Blessings on your choices!

Selena :)

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