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Magic School Bus Science Kits @ HSBC


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Anyone here used these kits? My kids love Magic School Bus, I'm sure they would love the science kits. Are these worth it?




To get these in Australia I would have to get relatives to forward them to me. I'm considering it because my kids love MSB so much, but just wondering if these kits are good or not. It says the kits come in an envelope, which makes it sound easy to ship. I could also order a few kits from RR, they are a different type of kid and more expensive so I would only be able to get a few, but it could be they are a better value in terms of what is included.



Thanks for any input.

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I wouldn't know about a comparison, but you may be interested in this thread:




Thank you. I tried doing a search for this but I have problems searching sometimes if I am logged in, it just doesn't work right unless I log out and I forgot this time.


Sounds like the ones in this group buy aren't the greatest. I might save my money and pick a few of the bigger ones from RR.

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