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Dumb question of the day: If you bake bread with honey does it matter what kind?

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... of honey that is?


I love making homemade bread, my family loves it and since the recipe that came with my Bosch from Pleasant Hill Grain said to use honey, that's what I do and I love recipe. I've always just bought honey from the grocery store and last time got a huge bottle from the commissary but have never paid much attention to the type of honey. Now that my original distributor of wheat berries seems to have vanished, I'm going to be getting things from a co-op that delivers once a month to my area. They also have honey and other things, but I'm not sure what honey to get.


They have clover, alfalfa, orange blossom, or tupelo. Not sure what the difference other than price is.


Anyone have any input on the type of honey I use in my bread, we rarely use it for anything else.

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