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Vicki Cobb's Science Play


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I am loving these for basic science type play with my DS 3.


It's a series of 4 picture books that introduces the (very) basics of air, water, gravity, and light. The text is perfect for pre schoolers, the pictures are big and appealing, and the activities are introduced throughout the book and are easily done and don't require much in the way of set up at all.


My son loves to read these and do the activities over and over. I think he's gaining a lot. When something drops he'll say umprompted, "Oh, that's acause of gravity." He can't say because...;)


If you ask him what gravity means he can say, "It means I fall down and not float away." Which is a good answer for him.


It's very much, IMO, cuddle on the floor for a good book and some play time science.


Here's the author page for these books. http://www.vickicobb.com/scienceplay.html


Just thought I'd share something that we are loving here.

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Guest vickicobb

I am thrilled :001_smile: that you have discovered my little science books for very young children. It's clear that they work. I love to hear how three-year- olds conceptualize the forces of gravity and the wind. I've taught a course on these books for the daycare workers at the Lanza Learning Center in Yonkers, which is emphasizing science and technology from birth up. Here's a video about their experience with the books:

Despite critical acclaim (I Face the Wind was a Sibert Honor Book) my publisher doesn't want to publish any more of them. I've submitted a proposal to another publisher so keep your fingers crossed.


Vicki Cobb

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