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s/o Does this Happen to Anybody Else?

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Reading through the earlier thread about children who get blamed for things they haven't done, I'm surprised at the quantity of "don't ever bring your kid back here" responses.


I haven't ever experienced that with my own son, and I've never seen it happen when we were at any type of event or gathering. Now I can imagine it could happen occasionally when things get really out of hand. But in the stories told in the earlier thread, even if the children had actually done what they were accused of, such a response seems quite harsh.


Is it common for people to be told not to come anymore for relatively minor offenses?

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We've never been told never to return. We have imposed that on ourselves in a few instances though. Either the situation isn't the right one for us or we're darn embarassed. Which is why, even though I love their chicken marsala we will never set foot in Macaroni Grill again. My ds threw up all over that restaurant when he was little and it still makes me cringe thinking about it. LOL

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Never been invited to NOT return. (Yet!) Nobody I know has - that they've admitted to me, anyway! Except that I have one cousin (now grown) who was thrown out of some schools when he was little. I heard he'd started fires at school etc. My granny used to say she'd rather take all 6 of my mom's kids for a week than have to watch that one cousin for one hour.


ETA: I think I lied. While reading the other thread a few things came back to me.


One, my sister was 10 and she was playing at the home of the police chief whose daughter was about the same age, along with one or two other girls. The police chief's daughter went inside and came out with a cigarette. They were somehow found out and of course it was my sister who brought the cigarette, even though my dad wasn't a smoker and police chief was, and it was at his house, etc. (I mean, who is dumb enough to bring a stolen cig to the police chief's house to share it with his young daughter?)


Another incident - my younger brother (then a preschooler) flung sand at a friend while they were playing in the sandbox. Then he ran away when he realized she was hurt. Her little sister got punished before the parents figured out what had happened. Their dad said my brother couldn't come back for a long time. But what really bugged him was how my brother ran off instead of making sure his friend was OK. Everyone knew there was no intent to harm. I don't think my brother expected someone else to get in trouble, but anyway, it was a learning experience all around.


Another, not exactly "banning" incident, but more of a reverse ban. Same kid brother was playing with a kid next door at his house. Another day the little kid was invited over to our house, but he said, "I can't go in your house, my mom says there's demons in there." Could be because of my mom's sailor mouth, or it could have been because (as I heard third-hand) the boys had been caught showing each other their privates. Again, they were preschoolers.


Oh, and I was banned from my friend's house around age 14 because her sister had run away. The mom was convinced I'd had something to do with that (I had not).

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